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Building a stronger community so our families can thrive and businesses can prosper!

Proudest Accomplishments
Working with the Lake County Workforce Development Board to take it from one of the best in the State of Ohio to an organization that can make our workforce compete on international levels.
Increased funding for Law Enforcement and the County Crime Lab while bringing in additional resources into the Public Defender's Office to ensure that every resident of Lake County is given their constitutionally guaranteed right to due process. 
Built the new County Administration Building after cutting $13 Million from the original price. These savings allowed us to create a first time ever $1.5 Million Commissioner Grant Program for infrastructure projects to make our communities better for our citizens.
Lifelong Lake County Resident
Proud Husband to Susan
Proud Father of Dyan and Sarah
Madison Village Council
President of Council 2008-2011
Chair of Subcommittees (Safety and Utilities Advisory Groups)
Chair of Subcommittee for Safety Communication Panel
Member of  Committee of The School Advisory Group
Member of  Committee of The School Advisory Group, Madison Recreational District Board,  and Website Enhancement Panel
Oversaw the Village go from $15.00 carryover and $3.4 Million in debt to a carryover of $1.4 Million and over a 60% reduction in debt.
Auxiliary Police Officer in Madison Village
Served as Auxiliary Team Leader and Community Outreach Coordinator
Named Madison Village Police Officer of The Year in 2003 
(1st Award ever given to an Auxillary Police Officer)
Education, Small Business Owner, and Public Service
Grand River Academy for High School

Lakeland Community College for Associates Degree

Small Business Owner of a Telecommunication and Engineering firm

Madison Village Council (2006-2017)
(Council President 4 Years)  

Lake County Commissioner (2017-Present) 
(Commissioner President 5 Times)
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