“Over the past 4 years as County Commissioner, I have strived every day to ensure that the actions taken by the county government benefited the residents of Lake County. By doing so, the county could fulfill its duty to the people who call Lake County home. Building a county that can offer the resources for its residents success while caring for those who need its assistance is a core part of what local government should do, and I am proud to say we have done that over my last 4 years and shall continue to do so over my next 4 years!”



06.07.2020 Campaign News

John Hamercheck continues to work hard for Lake County by working with businesses and residents to improve all aspects of life in Lake County, Ohio 

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If you would like a yard sign, to pass out campaign literature, or help in some other way, we want to welcome you as a team member of our campaign to get John re-elected. 

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Donating Money


Help Hamercheck retain office! Elections cost money, though donating is a big help that will return tenfold to you with John in office keeping our county and you strong.

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John Hamercheck being a Life-Long Lake County, Ohio Resident and now Commissioner is dedicated to all citizens of Lake County and working hard for them to have a strong, safe, and happy community! He is proud to serve the people of Lake County!  

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